Gazing at Glaciers: Visiting Nature’s Icy Earth Movers on Your Next Cruise

Glaciers, one of the most breathtaking and powerful forces on earth, provide spectacular scenery for many cruise ship tourist. Powerful rivers of packed snow harden into compacted ice, carving out valleys during the process of advancing and receding. Receding glaciers sometimes leave spectacular fjords, bays and lakes in their wake. … [Continue Reading]

Cruise Talk Names Mendenhall Glacier Helicopter Tour Best All Time Excursion

Of all of our cruise excursions including Snorkeling at Trunk Bay in St Johns, Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, The Marigalante Pirate Boat in Mexico, Night Clubs in San Juan, Cliff Diving in Acapulco, etc, the winner of the best all time excursion goes to The Mendenhall Glacier Helicopter Tour in Juneau, Alaska.
We… [Continue Reading]