Mercury 11-Night Mexican Riviera Cruise – Nov 20th, 2006

Back Ground
This was my 9th cruise over the course of about 30 years (I started young). The Celebrity Mercury Mexican Riviera cruise certainly ranks up there as one of my best cruises ever. Three years ago, my husband and I took this same itinerary and ship for our 10 year anniversary. Last year we considered… [Continue Reading]

My Husbands Daily Cruise Blog from The November Cruise

My Husbands Mexican Riviera Cruise Blog
While we were on the cruise my husband wrote a daily blog of our activities on the cruise. I did a little editing and thought I’d post it here for you. If you are curious at all about cruising on Celebrity or to the Mexican Riviera, and from… [Continue Reading]

Trouble Making Excursion Decisions in Mexico

Our next cruise is coming up soon, and we are still having trouble deciding on excursions.
My husband and I took the same cruise three years ago, and pretty much didn’t care if we even got off the ship. This time we are taking the kids and I want to make sure that we find… [Continue Reading]