New Alcohol Policy Research

What is the number one thing that people ask about cruising? Perhaps the most popular question is “Can I bring my own alcohol on board?”
Back in the 70’s, my parents always brought a bottle or two of bourbon or scotch to have in their room. They’d pour a little starter… [Continue Reading]

Follow-up Regarding New Alcohol Policy

I received a follow-up letter to my 2nd letter regarding the “New Celebrity Alcohol Policy” from Celebrity’s Executive representative.
From his response, it looks like they are at least for now, holding firm to the new policies. Here is the response:
Dear Ms. Klasen:
Thank you for your follow-up e-mail concerning our previous response.
The Executive Officers have… [Continue Reading]

Received a response on my Alcohol Policy letter

I finally got a response to my alcohol policy letter. The response doesnt really address my issues and it is pretty much a canned response:
Dear Mrs. Klasen:
Thank you for contacting Mr. Hanrahan’s office via the Internet regarding your above referenced sailing. He appreciated hearing from you and following his review of your e-mail… [Continue Reading]

Celebrity’s New Alcohol Policy Effective 7/28/06

Celebrity Cruises has instituted a new alcohol policy.
The change in the verbage of the policy now results in passenger’s luggage being searched for containers of alcohol. If smuggled alcohol is found, the cruise line can now confiscate or dispose of such items. Celebrity may now refuse embarkation to passengers caught trying to smuggle.
Perhaps… [Continue Reading]

Regent Seven Seas Makes Liquor Inclusive

Wow, this would be a nice trend for other cruise lines to follow. It’s not that it allows everyone to go crazy (sure a few would), but simplifies things on-board and takes out the worry of post-cruise costs. I would rather pay for things up front.
The Regent Seven Seas press release:
FT. LAUDERDALE, FL.,… [Continue Reading]