DK Eyewitness Travel: My Favorite Guide Books

I first discovered books from DK Publishing when my children were babies. We had a picture book from DK called My Big Book of Everything. This book had very sharp pictures of every day objects and I credit it as being a great early vocabulary builder for both of my children. […]

The Canary Islands, An Overlooked, Yet Facinating Destination

Most Americans don’t put the Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara, Africa, on their list of “Top Ten Vacation Destination.” The islands’ location simply makes them too remote for most Americans to visit. However, they are an extremely popular destination for British, German and other European vacationers. […]

Celebrity Summit 14 Day Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 29th 2008

This is the area where Celebrity still continues to excel and even amaze me as a customer. The service throughout every aspect of the ship was nearly flawless. Every detail, from the politeness of the servers to the way they served your drinks and food made it so special. […]

Celebrity Summit Virtual Cruise Day 6: Lanzarote

Today I think I visited the strangest place on earth, the Island of Lanzarote, part of Spain’s Canary Islands.
This was our second of 4 port days in a row on our Celebrity Summit Trans-Atlantic Cruise. In Lanzarote the ship docks quite a bit away from the town, so for today’s excursion I […]