“Faster to the Fun” – Convenient Service or Just Another Way to Make a Buck?

Yesterday, Carnival introduced their new “Faster to the Fun” program, which allows passengers to purchase an express boarding pass that not only offers early boarding but guarantees state room availability upon boarding and immediate luggage delivery. In addition, the program gives tender and dining reservations priority through-out the cruise, benefits often reserved to many… [Continue Reading]

Fly To Your Cruise Port At Least a Day Early if at all Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that cruisers make is to try to fly into the cruise port the day of the cruise. While this may seem like the simplest way to get to and from your cruise, it can lead to one of the worst travel disasters: missing your cruise ship. Your… [Continue Reading]

The Naughty Room- What is it? and How Can You Avoid It?

The Naughty Room is the frequent cruiser’s nickname for the room where the cruise line security sends suit cases that might have forbidden item tucked away in side them. These types of items can range from something as seemingly innocuous as a power strip or something more serious like a diving knife or a bottle… [Continue Reading]