My Most Unusual Purchase: an Authentic Flamenco Dress

When traveling, I like to try to find unusual or unique souvenirs.   One of my most memorable is the Flamenco Dress, (technically a Sevillianas Dress) that I purchased in Cartagena, Spain.
I had been taking a Flamenco dance class for about 5 years back home in AZ.  We were always ordering, making, or buying costumes… [Continue Reading]

Solution to Ladies Packing In One Suitcase, Just Wear the Same Dress for Entire Cruise?

I saw this article in the MailOnLine and thought “Hey this could be the solution to every woman’s packing woes.” I have come across so many complaints about how hard it is to pack for a cruise when the airlines are charging so much extra for luggage. A woman in Britain wore the… [Continue Reading]

Debbie Phelps Has Cruise Worthy Style

TV Audiences cheered with excitement during Michael Phelp’s 8 gold medal winning swims at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, few of us did it in as much style as his mom, Debbie Phelps. Debbie had been outfitted with a chic wardrobe from the popular cruise and vacation fashion company Chicos. … [Continue Reading]

Ladies, You Can Pack In One Suitecase

I think we’ve all seen the news releases from the airlines that they are all changing their checked baggage limit to one free checked suitcase, with each additional checked bag costing $25 per bag. Almost all airlines have gone to this policy in order to save money and generate additional income during the current high… [Continue Reading]