Mary Alyce Reports from Hawaii and the Zaandam

Contributor, Mary Alyce, and her husband Jim are currently on board the Zaandam doing a San Diego to Hawaii round trip. Mary Alyce is a frequent cruiser, have clocked in over 500 cruise days, with as many as 5 or 6 cruises a year, most often on Holland America Line. She […]

Celebrity Summit 14 Day Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 29th 2008

This is the area where Celebrity still continues to excel and even amaze me as a customer. The service throughout every aspect of the ship was nearly flawless. Every detail, from the politeness of the servers to the way they served your drinks and food made it so special. […]

Dress Code and Food and Beverage Changes From Celebrity

Attention! Attention! Attention! Since this article was published on July 8th, Celebrity has updated their Web Page Removing the word “Jeans” from their list of official attire for Smart Casual Night. It seems the inclusion of the word “jeans” was an error on the part of the web site. […]

Cruise Lines Are In The Business of Providing Cruises, Not Transportation

If you need to be in a particular place, at a particular time, a cruise is not the best way to get there. If you want a great vacation that takes you to fun places, provides you with great food and service, and is probably the best value around, then a […]