A 40 Year Plus Cruiser Reflects On Industry Changes

Brett Pechuls took his first “real” cruise in the 1960’s as an Atlantic crossing, though as a military brat, he’d been at sea many times previously onboard military transports. He cruised on several lines in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but then took over 20 years off from cruising. His first modern cruise… [Continue Reading]

Server Move Complete

The server move is complete! If you are seeing this post, you have successfully made it to our new and improved location. Hopefully, this will correct the recent rash of cpu exceeded errors that we have been seeing. As always, please use our support forum or contact page for any issues that… [Continue Reading]

Five Real Tips For First Time Cruisers From A Real Cruiser.

I ran across this article titled “Five Tips for First Time Cruisers” and as an experienced cruiser I wasn’t expecting it to tell me things I didn’t know, but I was hoping that it might provide some real insight to the potential first time cruiser. I thought I’d provide some additional thoughts by… [Continue Reading]

Add Your Comments To Our Cruise Videos

With the recent redesign of Cruise Talk Central, we added some of our cruise videos. The amount of times these have been viewed in the first day since our redesign has amazed us.
In addition, several readers have provided feedback to us about our cruise videos via our contact form or email. That triggered… [Continue Reading]

New Cruise Talk Poll Available

We have added another poll here at Cruise Talk Central. This one asks “What is your favorite cruising destination”. Obviously, we cannot list every destination in the World, but we have tried to cover as much as we could. There is an option for other in case we missed your favorite destination…. [Continue Reading]