Wait and See Attitude on Celelbrity’s Open Dining Option

Several reliable reports on the internet state that Celebrity has officially announced that all of the Celebrity ships will be offering an open seating option in addition to their traditional fixed dining option. Celebrity reportedly made this announcement at an industry event several weeks ago. However, they have yet to… [Continue Reading]

Holland America Line’s Alaskan Explorer Cruises Now Include Airfare From 11 Western Cities

Seattle, April 13, 2009 — Holland America Line is offering a special promotion on seven-day Alaskan Explorer cruises sailing roundtrip from Seattle: fares starting from just $749 and $799 now include airfare from 11 western cities.
Guests can book an Alaskan Explorer cruise of the Inside Passage that includes roundtrip airfare between Seattle and San Francisco,… [Continue Reading]

Should Cruise Lines Rethink Their Tipping Policies?

Should cruise lines rethink their tipping policies? A surprising number of our readers think that the current tipping policies are in need of a drastic re-haul.
Cruise Talk Poll
If you prefer “No Tipping Required” on a cruise, how should cruise lines handle service, wages, and tipping?
* The current tipping policies… [Continue Reading]

Surprising Tipping Poll Results Are In

Wow, I was really surprised by how many of our readers don’t like the tipping policies of most cruise lines. Nearly half of our poll responders specified that they think tipping should be included in the cruise price. For those cruisers who don’t mind tipping 20% do it in cash. Our… [Continue Reading]