Fly To Your Cruise Port At Least a Day Early if at all Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that cruisers make is to try to fly into the cruise port the day of the cruise. While this may seem like the simplest way to get to and from your cruise, it can lead to one of the worst travel disasters: missing your cruise ship. Your… [Continue Reading]

Rick Steves’ New Guide Book Sure to be a Hit with Independent Minded Cruisers

Popular guide book author and TV Personality Rick Steves has written his first guide book for cruisers: Mediterranean Cruise Ports. I have long been a fan of Rick Steve’s and his philosophy of independent travel and utilized his guidance when planning my own travel.
Independent Travel
Before our 1989 and 1994 independent trips to Germany, Austria, and… [Continue Reading]

Money Belt, Carry-On, and Checked Luggage: What to Pack Where

When Packing for a cruise or any extended trip, it is important to pack so that your most important items are the most secure. There is nothing worse than traveling abroade and having one’s bag stolen with passports, credit cards and other valuables. Another unfortunate experiences for cruisers occurs when their checked… [Continue Reading]

Free or Nearly Free things To Do In Port

Cruises are some of the best vacation values around. A mostly inclusive cruise can cost as little as around $100 per person per day. However, budget minded cruisers can be overwhelmed when they see the cost of excursions offered by the cruise lines. What they may not realize is that… [Continue Reading]

Disney Cruise Line to Extend Agreement with Port Canaveral

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla., (March 19, 2008) – Disney Cruise Line announced it has finalized an agreement with Port Canaveral to extend the company’s current contract 15 years through 2022. In addition, as part of its continuing commitment to the Central Florida area, the company will home port its two new ships in Port Canaveral. The… [Continue Reading]