Celebrity Indroduces A New Dress Code and Confuses Cruise Info Junkies

First, I have have to confess that I am a “Cruise Information Junkie”. For me, half the fun of taking a cruise planning it. I gather information at from other cruisers on web based message boards, read travel magazines, and buy guide books for the ports I’ll be visiting.
Over the… [Continue Reading]

Travel Agents Provide Needed Insight To Prospective Cruisers

Yet another reason to book your cruise through a knowledgeable travel agent: Insight into what you might expect on your prospective cruise. With the ease of booking over the internet, many cruisers are now skipping the middle man and booking their cruises directly. However, a travel agent can provide cruisers with more insight… [Continue Reading]

New Tipping Policy Page

Here at Cruise Talk Central, we like to make cruise planning as easy as possible for all our readers. In response to a request from our readers we’ve now added a page that contains the tipping policy information from most of the major cruise lines. In summary, most cruise… [Continue Reading]

Five Real Tips For First Time Cruisers From A Real Cruiser.

I ran across this article titled “Five Tips for First Time Cruisers” and as an experienced cruiser I wasn’t expecting it to tell me things I didn’t know, but I was hoping that it might provide some real insight to the potential first time cruiser. I thought I’d provide some additional thoughts by… [Continue Reading]

New Dining Preference Poll

After so many responses to our Cruise Planning poll, we have just set up a new poll about dining preferences. You can view the results of the cruise planning poll, or any of our previous polls, in our polls archive. The latest poll results show that Ports of Call, Price and… [Continue Reading]