Don’t Miss the Boat – Arrive At Your Port City a Day Early

One of the most heartbreaking situations in which cruisers can find themselves is “missing the boat”. Cruisers can almost always avoid this situation by planning to stay in the port city the night before the cruise. If you arrive the day of your cruise you are depending on your airline, other… [Continue Reading]

Wow, Found a Great Web Site for Cruisers!!!

I had a few of my fellow passengers for my upcoming Celebrity Summit cruise recommend this site. I visited it and can’t say enough good things about it. The site is Port Time.
On the website, if you select a port, such as Cabo San Lucas, you can see how many ships will… [Continue Reading]

Fuel Surcharges Could Start To Put The Squeeze On Cruise Passengers

In November of 2007 most of the major cruise lines announced that they would be adding a 5 dollar per passenger per day fuel surcharge to their cruise bill. When it was announced, it was to apply to both current and new bookings. The surcharge was to apply just to the… [Continue Reading]