Results in from Our Wine Service Poll – New Poll On How You Would Choose to Cruise

The results are in for our wine survey. About a third of our readers who responded enjoy wine, but wine service really doesn’t figure into their cruise decision. Another third are wine lovers like us who appreciate a knowledgeable staff and attentive wine service. Other cruisers, about a sixth, […]

How The Internet Has Changed the Way I Research, Book, and Take Cruises

As I sat at my computer yesterday, I started thinking about how much the internet has changed the way we learn about, book, enjoy, and share our cruising experience.   I have to think that the information age has certainly required cruise lines to ” up their game” in order to keep the quality of the […]

Some Thoughts on Containing Norovirus Outbreaks

Norovirus is in the news again with several ships having a few hundred sick passengers.  The  ships were sanitized between cruises to prevent further spread.   While I do believe that the media tends to over sensationalize the cruise ship outbreaks, I wanted share some thoughts and information on the issue.
This week Princess took drastic measure […]

Upgrades: Keeping the Option either Open or Closed

Cruise lines occasionally offer passengers free upgrades if they are over booked in a certain category or for some other reason cannot offer them the room they originally booked. For cruisers who have booked the best room that they could afford with no particular regard to location on the ship, an upgrade can be a […]

Carnival Cruise Lines Revamps Web Site for Meeting, Corporate Event and Incentive Planners

Carnival Cruise Lines’ comprehensive web site for meeting, corporate event and incentive planners,, has been revamped, with more intuitive, user-friendly features than ever before.
The enhanced site is filled with up-to-date and detailed information on the line’s 23-ship fleet, as well as the benefits and value of hosting a program with Carnival. Meeting, corporate event […]