Has Cruising Lost Some of It’s Appeal and Elegance with more Relaxed Dress Codes?

There was a time when I thought of a cruise as an affordable, elegant, luxury vacation experience. My every day life is not filled with gala socialite parties or red carpet glamor, but on a cruise ship I  enjoy the feeling that I have somehow escaped my every day life and been transported to beautiful… [Continue Reading]

With So Many New Options There are Few Excuses for Not Following the Dress Code

I see so many posts on cruise boards that ask “The dress code says “this” but can I get away with “this” instead?” Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe with the relaxation of the dress codes and so many other options available to cruisers, that a perspective cruiser would not plan to… [Continue Reading]

Costume Poll Results and New Poll on Optional Formal Nights

The results of our survey on bringing costumes on a cruise are in:
Have you ever brought a costume on a cruise
* No, I have never brought a costume on a cruise. (70%, 37 Votes)
* Yes, back when they used to have a masquerade party or contest on… [Continue Reading]