Chronicling the Saga of the Costa Allegra after it Looses Power in the Indian Ocean Near the Seychelles

Last week the Costa Allegra lost power after a fire and went adrift in the Indian Ocean off the Seychelles in an area where Somali Pirates have taken control of vessels and held them for ransom or worse.   The situation on the Allegra eerily resembled a similar situation on the Carnival Ship, The Splendor, in… [Continue Reading]

Some Thoughts on Containing Norovirus Outbreaks

Norovirus is in the news again with several ships having a few hundred sick passengers.  The  ships were sanitized between cruises to prevent further spread.   While I do believe that the media tends to over sensationalize the cruise ship outbreaks, I wanted share some thoughts and information on the issue.
This week Princess took drastic measure… [Continue Reading]

Costa Cruises Details Costa Concordia Guest Reimbursement

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Jan. 27, 2012) — Costa Crociere wishes to again
express its profound condolences to the families of the victims, continued
sympathy to the families of the missing and deep regret and sorrow for the
damages and hardship the Costa Concordia accident caused to all its guests.
Costa Crociere announced a compensation proposal for guests who have
returned home… [Continue Reading]