If Your Next Cruise Includes Croatia, You Are in for an Unexpected Treat

Along the Adriatic Sea, in what was once vital part of the Roman Empire, lies one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries, Croatia. For years, as part of the communist Yugoslavia, this beautiful area remained off the “tourist radar” for most Americans. The European Union and United Nations recognized… [Continue Reading]

Choosing Your Excursions Can Be More Difficult Than Choosing a Cruise

Sometimes I think that when I try to choose my excursions it is more excruciating for me than selecting a cruise. When choosing excursions there are two methods that come to mind. The first method is so much easier than what I am currently putting my self through.
That method is… [Continue Reading]

My Top Ten Things I Avoid When Cruising

You may remember that I recently decided to do a three part series on cruising top ten lists. A few days ago I did the first post in my series that covered my top ten favorite things about cruising. I hope you enjoyed the first list.
Today, I continue this short top ten series… [Continue Reading]