Cellular At Sea: Know Your Rates Before You Go

While you might want to keep in touch with family, friends and business associates while on your cruise, it is important to know what you’ll pay for that access before you cruise.
I cam across a blog post from a man stating that his his teen daughter’s roaming cell phone bill during the cruise was over […]

“Norwegian Iconcierge” Smart Phone Application To Connect Guests On Norwegian Epic

Company continues history of innovation with first smart phone application that enables guests to talk and text with fellow cruisers
Miami   –    Mar 12, 2012   —   
Norwegian Cruise Line, in partnership with Allin Interactive, is launching a revolutionary smart phone application which will allow iPhone, […]

Oops, Man Charged over $28,000 for Internet Football Game While Docked in Miami

Would you pay $28,000 to watch a football game on your next cruise? That is what AT&TWireless initially charged a man who decided to kill time while docked on his cruise ship in Miami and watch his beloved Chicago Bears play the Detroit Lions in their regular Sunday NFL game. The man […]