Methods for Determining your cost for a Cruise or any Vacation

My husband and I have been disagreeing on the proper way to calculate the actual cost of a cruise or any vacation. I thought I would share with our readers our two different points of view and let our readers use the survey feature to settle our the difference of opinion. … [Continue Reading]

Would You Rather Be Cruising?

This summer I’ll be loading up the car, much like Clark Griswald and his family in the original Vacation movie, and headed off to Texas to visit family, friends. During the trip I’ll be equal parts tourist, family visitor, and even an amusement park enthusiast. Lets hope I don’t turn… [Continue Reading]

Properly Bugeting for Your Cruise

As a subscriber to Travel and Leisure Magazine I have noticed that quite often their featured hotels and destinations are priced well over what my vacation budget would allow. Recently, in their “Ask T+L” segment, a reader wrote them looking for advice on cruising on budget. While I found most of… [Continue Reading]

Economy Effecting Cruisers in Many Different Ways

Thanks again to all our our readers who responded to our cruise and the economy poll. The answers were all over the board. Here’s a snap shot of our results as of February 19th 2008:
How has the current economic down turn affected your cruise plans for this year?
*… [Continue Reading]