Azamara Relaunches Their Brand as “Azamara Club Cruises”

Royal Caribbean’s brand Azamara has repositioned itself again in the cruise market as “Azamara Club Cruises”. Cruise industry followers may remember that when Celebrity and Royal Caribbean first acquired the previously Renaissance Cruise Line ships, they were to become small ships in the Celebrity fleet. Then at the last minute, they… [Continue Reading]

Results In From Our Beverage Poll

The results from our most recent poll “When You Cruise, What is Your Average Daily Beverage Bill?” are in.

$20 to $50 – Hey, I’m not driving (31%)
$50 -100 – Those wines with dinner add up (20%)
Less Than $5 – Don’t drink much of anything (20%)
$5 – $15 – a few drinks, specialty coffees or… [Continue Reading]