New Survey On Concoridia Affecting Your Cruise Plans, Results in for Ship Tour Survey

We have a new survey regarding your cruise plans in light of the recent Costa Concordia tragedy. Will you change your plans or do you think this type of incident is rare and continue to cruise?  Perhaps you might choose another line or different type of ship.  Please take a few minutes to give us… [Continue Reading]

Survey Results on Calculating Cruise Costs, New Survey on Paid Behind the Scenes Tours

We have our results in from our survey about calculating the cost of the cruise.   I say that you can subtract out any normal expenses like food and gas that you would spend at home that because you are away you would not incur.    However, any fixed expenses like rent or car payments could not… [Continue Reading]

Many Lines Offering Behind the Scenes Tours For a Fee

One of the new trends in cruising is the “Behind The Scenes Tour” for a fee.  Passengers on most cruise lines now have opportunity to book an excursion that never leaves the ship, but instead gives them an insiders view of many areas that are off limits to the ship’s guests.
In the “golden age of … [Continue Reading]