The Naughty Room- What is it? and How Can You Avoid It?

The Naughty Room is the frequent cruiser’s nickname for the room where the cruise line security sends suit cases that might have forbidden item tucked away in side them. These types of items can range from something as seemingly innocuous as a power strip or something more serious like a diving knife or a bottle… [Continue Reading]

Properly Bugeting for Your Cruise

As a subscriber to Travel and Leisure Magazine I have noticed that quite often their featured hotels and destinations are priced well over what my vacation budget would allow. Recently, in their “Ask T+L” segment, a reader wrote them looking for advice on cruising on budget. While I found most of… [Continue Reading]

Celebrity Cruises Designs Another way to Quench Guests’ Thirst for Ease, Convenience and Value

Miami – (May 03, 2010 ) – Discerning cruisers have long applauded Celebrity Cruises for its award-winning ships’ ability to deliver outstanding service, world-class cuisine and enriching activities in a stylish atmosphere. Now, inspired by its “Designed for you” brand platform and guests’ positive response to being able to pre-book aspects of their cruise… [Continue Reading]

Cruise Inc: Big Money On the High Seas Airs and Brings Insight Into the Cruise Industry

CNBC aired their new show Cruise Inc: Big Money On the High Seas this week. NCL Cruise Line gave CNBC Reporter Peter Greenberg unprecedented access to the Norwegian Pearl for a one week cruise. As the title indicates the documentary focuses on the financial side of the cruise industry, especially in the… [Continue Reading]

Results In From Our Beverage Poll

The results from our most recent poll “When You Cruise, What is Your Average Daily Beverage Bill?” are in.

$20 to $50 – Hey, I’m not driving (31%)
$50 -100 – Those wines with dinner add up (20%)
Less Than $5 – Don’t drink much of anything (20%)
$5 – $15 – a few drinks, specialty coffees or… [Continue Reading]