Table for Two? Maybe the cruise lines should look at offering more!

The results of our survey are in, and a table for two is by far the favorite choice of our readers, yet they are still in very short supply in most cruise line’s main dining room.

“What is your dining room table preference on a cruise?

* Table for Two! More Romantic. (36%, 146 Votes)
* Table for Six, Eight, or Ten. We enjoy getting to know new people! If they aren’t compatible we just request a different assignment the next night. (21%, 86 Votes)
* Table for Two or Specialty dining, We’ve had to many bad experiences with our large table assignments. (15%, 62 Votes)
* Table for Four!. Just our family or another couple with whom we are traveling. (12%, 48 Votes)
* Open Seating with a different group at at 6, 8, or 10 top every night. (9%, 36 Votes)
* Table for Six, Eight or Ten. We cruise with a larger group of friends or family. (7%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 405”

When you add together the two choices for Table for Two, a full 51% of our readers prefer a table for two for various reasons verses being seated a a large table with strangers. Only 21% of our readers prefer the large table table in traditional dining. In that arrangement, passengers are seated with other cruisers at the same table for the entire cruise experience. Many cruisers for many different reasons don’t enjoy those big tables.

I have to admit that my family really needs about four different votes in this survey. When we cruise with our kids we always request a table for four so that others don’t have to be seated with our kids. When we travel with extended family, we have always gotten a large table so that we can all enjoy our evening meal together.

Finally, my husband and I have split our votes when it come to our upcoming cruise with just the two of us. I like the opportunity to meet new people at a large table, and my husband wants to get a table for two. We compromised and decided to go with a large table and see if that works out for us. If we don’t “click” with the other guest, then we will request to be moved to a different table, and if that still doesn’t work I’ve agreed to trying to get a table for two or even giving an elegant evening for in room dining a try.

Most of my cruise friends have said that we should have no problem with our table mates at a large table. They suggested that we will be seated with other cruisers who have a similar number of Celebrity cruises, which would seem to imply that they love Celebrity as much as we do. As long as the other diners are friendly and positive people, I don’t think we’ll have any problem making conversation with other frequent Celebrity cruisers seated at our table.

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