Star Trek Convention Aboard a Cruise Ship

I have a secret that not many people would suspect of me. I am a closet œTrekkie (Star Trek Fan.). I would say Im a closet Trekkie because I have never been to a Star Trek convention but I have been a life long fan of the series. I got hooked on the show in the early 80s, watching the syndicated reruns on a local independent televisions station. I was fascinated by fantastic journey undertaken by the interesting characters on the show. The cheesy special effects and corny predictability of the show always made it fun to watch. Soon the very successful motion picture serices came out. It always seemed ironic to me that a show that only ran for a few years with very low ratings could evolve into a pop culture phenomenon.

In college, I studied communications including television production and programming. For my senior seminar, I did a study of television economics related to programming choices. I chose Star Trek as my case study. As part of the project, I analyzed the content of over 90 episodes of the show (I had a friend who had taped as many episodes of the show as he could). I had to laugh at myself as watching Star Trek became college home work. The project was well received by my instructors and I earned an A in the class.

Several years later, when I met my husband, I found that he was also a Star Trek fan. He had recently visited Universal Studios in California and had played a Klingon in the guest participation video production. We enjoyed watching the theatrical release movies together.

We have never been to a Star Trek convention. We dont own any Star Fleet uniforms. We dont speak Klingon or know any recipes for Klingon Ale.

However, I just learned that the company Sea Trek offers Å“Star Trek Conventions at Sea. I am intrigued – A Cruise and a Star Trek convention combined together!!! I love cruising. I love Star Trek. Hey this might be fun!!!

The first thing I did was visit Sea Treks web site to see what they offer. Their next Star Trek cruise will be in June of 2007 on Royal Caribbeans Vision of the Seas. The company currently has several stars of the Star Trek movies and TV shows lined up to participate including Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonios, and Denise Crosby. Guest who are taking part in the special Sea Trek activities receive a guest badge, T-shirts and souvenir photos. Activities include photo sessions with the stars, karaoke night, and a farewell cocktail gala with special performances by the Star Trek stars. They also will offer additional œSea Trek passenger only activities in addition to the regular activities offered onboard to all Vision of the Seas passengers. I was intrigued enough to check out the pricing.

The Star Trek fun does not come cheap. Booked directly with Royal Caribbean, the regular cruise Ocean View category H Cabin would cost a little over $1100 each for my husband and myself, and around $650 for each of the kids. This does not include the Sea Trek activities. The Sea Trek web page offers both Sea Trek passenger and Non-Sea Trek passenger pricing. (Maybe your spouse likes to cruise, but hates Star Trek.) For the same category Non-Sea Trek passengers would pay around $300 more, around $1400. The Sea Trek passengers Pay $1900 for the category H rooms. The kids who would be the 3rd and 4th person in the room pay over double the cruise only price at $1400. So breaking it down, the cruise costs $1100 1st and 2nd passenger, $650 3rd and 4th passenger. The 7 day Sea Trek convention costs another $800 for the 1st and 2nd passenger, and $750 3rd and 4th passenger.

The same company that puts on these Sea Treks, Vulkon Entertainment also offers traditional land based Star Trek Conventions. The platinum level tickets cost around $250 for then entertainment portion and an additional banquet ticket costing $65 and $25 for an additional entertainment even. These conventions usually last about three days, with hotel rooms costing around under $100 a night.

It seems from browsing the website that the advantage of the Sea Trek cruise over a land based œTrekkie convention is more interpersonal interaction with the Star Trek stars in a more relaxed atmosphere. I browsed their web site and really enjoyed seeing the passenger pictures with George Takei. He really looks like he is having fun, sort of a working vacation for him. I think if I was a famous actor I might look forward to a week long working vacation on a cruise ship more than a weekend at a convention center signing autographs.

Id love to hear from any other cruisers who have participated in a Sea Trek cruise or even those who have happened to be on board during one of these cruises. Looks like it could be fun! Id love to hear if its worth the extra cost.