Solution to Ladies Packing In One Suitcase, Just Wear the Same Dress for Entire Cruise?

I saw this article in the MailOnLine and thought “Hey this could be the solution to every woman’s packing woes.” I have come across so many complaints about how hard it is to pack for a cruise when the airlines are charging so much extra for luggage. A woman in Britain wore the same dress every day for a month to raise money and awareness for a charity. Do you think your could pack just one dress and accessories for the entire cruise?

Well actually, I don’t think could ever do that, but the lessons learned from this article really does apply to cruising. Obviously most of us ladies want more choices and a variety of clothing. I don’t mind repeating my casual outfits, but I like to bring a different gown for each formal night. However, if I take the lesson learned from this exercise, I could easily scale back the amount of clothing pack, and change up the look of the outfits by mix and matching and changing out accessories. The lady in the Daily Mail article was able to change the look or her simple dress with shoes, scarves, blazers, sweaters, and jewelry. Perhaps cruisers could accomplish the same by packing just two or three basic casual evening outfits with just a few items to change the look. Click on the link and check out the article. I thought it was fascinating.