Ship Size Survey Results Are In !

We’ve had over 100 responders to our ship size survey, and the results are in!!! Mega-ships are the most popular. The mega ships narrowly beat our the medium size ships with the mega ships getting 28% of the votes and the medium size ships getting 26% of the votes. For 17% of our readers the ships size makes no difference. They love them all. Only a small percentage of our readers are not cruising on their preferred ships, with just 8% saying that they end up on large ships rather than the smaller ones due to budget constraints.

From the results of this survey I have to say that it looks the the larger ships are here to stay. The cruise lines love them because of the the economies of scale that they provide. Cruisers love them because they are virtual floating cities with lots of choices and amenities. I personally hope that the cruise don’t abandon the medium size ships. I find ships that carry about 2000 people are the perfect size for me. These ships often have multiple choices for dining and entertainment but are small enough that passengers can bond and and make friends easily. I’ve also found that the service in the main dining rooms of ships this size to be excellent, but have heard that the main dining room can be a bit more hit or miss on the mega ships.

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