Seabourn Adds ‘Personal Valet’ Luggage Service to Online Menu

MIAMI, Feb 19: The Yachts of Seabourn has added its highly popular Personal Valet luggage shipping service to the menu of options that can be arranged by booked guests in advance on the company’s website at The Personal Valet service, which is operated in collaboration with DHL Worldwide, allows guests to ship personal luggage between their homes and their suites aboard the Seabourn yachts in various ports around the world. It has been operating for three years and has won a loyal following of Seabourn cruise aficionados who use the service regularly and swear by it. Now booked guests can order the service, along with optional shore excursions, spa appointments, pre- and post-cruise hotel extensions and full-escorted Seabourn Journeys land programs, conveniently on the website at any time, day or night.

“Seabourn’s Personal Valet service was created for the convenience of our guests,” noted Pamela Conover, Seabourn’s president and CEO. “They tell us they love not having to worry about extra bags as they fly to and from their cruises,” she continued, “Now we’ve added an extra layer of convenience by making it available on line.”

To order the luggage service, guests simply log on to the “Already Booked” section of the Seabourn website and select Personal Valet from the menu of options. Once they fill in the pick-up and delivery cities, and the weight-range of the luggage, a handy estimator will produce an estimate of the cost. If they choose, they can submit an order to receive a kit containing everything they need to complete the process, including luggage tags and a waybill. Then they can call DHL to arrange a pickup at their convenience. The bags are shipped to Seabourn’s local agent in the city where guests will embark, and the luggage is delivered to the ship’s personnel on the day the guests will arrive. In most cases, the bags are already in their suites when the guests come on board. Homeward shipments are arranged on board.

Seabourn operates three 208-guest, all-suite cruising vessels: Seabourn Pride, Spirit and Legend, on worldwide itineraries. In June, 2009 a 450-guest yacht, Seabourn Odyssey, will join the fleet. Two additional 450-guest yachts, Seabourn Sojourn, and a third yet to be named, will be added in June, 2010 and June, 2011 respectively. For more information or to make a reservation, contact a travel agent, call Seabourn at 1-800-929-9391 or visit