Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day and Can’t Be Seen in a Day

Rome is a fantastic city with so much art, history, architecture, and culture that I feel sorry for many cruisers who come here just as cruise ship passengers and only have a day or two to see the city. Because the city is so vast and so far from the port area of Civitivecchia, many cruise lines stay in port for 36 hours, allowing their passengers to even stay the night in the city of Rome should they choose. However, even with 36 hours people who have never been to Rome will miss out on much of the experience.

My previous post mentioned that on our first day even when we weren’t really checked into our hotel before 5:00 pm, we were able to visit a few of the highlights like the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain. During our second day we focused our vist on Ancient Rome with tours of the Colosseum, Forum, and Palentine Hill. We also visited the Trajan Forum and Trajan Market. We chose to do all these activities self guided, but for an extra charge both guided tours and recorded tours on hand sets were also available. We had a guide book and also a flip book with overlays. I bought the flip book as a souvenir for my son on our last trip, but I would recommend buying one of these books from a street vendor before visiting the forum. These books feature clear overlays to superimpose what the buildings would have looked like in ancient times over the current state of the ruins. It allowed my kids to visualize what it was that they were looking at.

After our tour of Ancient Rome we took a scenic walk back to our apartment where we were treated to an unexpected changing of the guard ceremony at Presidential palace, and the Triton Fountain at Piazza Barbarini. We made it back to the Trevi Fountain and this time we enjoyed our Gelato and threw in our coins.
I figured it out that we walked at least 6 or 7 miles in all yesterday.

All that walking meant a guilt free dinner at Antica Enoteca Della Croce, where we had bread, pasta, gnocchi, foccocia, meatballs salad, red wine, and dessert. It was delicious. There are several wonderful restaurants not just in walking distance but just right outside our apartment.

We worked really had to see all the the items that we saw today, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of the many incredible things there are to see here in Rome. Tomorrow we will visit the Vatican and hope to see a few other attractions along the way there and back.