Received a response on my Alcohol Policy letter

I finally got a response to my alcohol policy letter. The response doesnt really address my issues and it is pretty much a canned response:

Dear Mrs. Klasen:

Thank you for contacting Mr. Hanrahan’s office via the Internet regarding your above referenced sailing. He appreciated hearing from you and following his review of your e-mail requested that I respond to your concerns.

Celebrity Cruises revised their policy on bringing alcoholic beverages for onboard consumption. Our current policy is; that no alcoholic beverages may be brought onboard for consumption. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Once again, Mrs. Klasen, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you onboard the Mercury in the near future.


Executive Representative

Not being satisfied with that response, I again pressed the issue:

Thanks you for your response,

However, you have not addressed the true concern of my original letter and only provided me with a canned response.

Here are the main issue from my original letter that I would like you to directly address:

“I am asking that Celebrity reconsider this drastic and unimaginative new policy and replace it with a policy that would allow passengers to bring a few bottles of wine on board for consumption either in room or with a corkage fee in the dining room.”

Please advise any current consideration this request is being given. This is the issue I would like raised to upper management, not a simple restatement of the alcohol policy, which I have already read 100 time.

Thanks you,

Suzanne Klasen