Readers Mostly Split on Formal Night Preferences

Our readers were closely split on their opinion of optional formal night. With nearly 300 votes in those that prefer the ambiance when everyone is dressed up closely beat out our readers who like the option of not packing formal clothes. This split seems to reflect the current trends in cruising where the cruise lines are trying to appeal to both those who wish to dress up and those who prefer to remain more casual. For some cruise lines this has resulted in very few people dressing up for formal night, like on NCL, or the majority of people, at least those wishing to dine in the Main Dining Room, still participating in formal dress. Even my family was split. I still like the ambiance when every one is dressed up and my husband, (who always dresses up anyway, probably for me) voted for the lighter packing. Be sure to visit our dress codes page to see what the current requirements are on your perspective cruise line.

What do your think of “Optional” formal nights.

* I prefer the ambiance when everyone is dressed up (31%, 92 Votes)
* Its Great! Now I don’t have to pack formal clothes! (28%, 83 Votes)
* It is fine as long as the minimum is enforced: ie no jeans, tank tops, shorts (16%, 47 Votes)
* It is fine as long as they have a formal requirement for certain venues (9%, 26 Votes)
* I’ll still dress up, but it doesn’t affect me at all if others are casual (7%, 20 Votes)
* I hate it because it makes me seem pretentious for going through the trouble of dressing up (5%, 15 Votes)
* It really doesn’t change anything because the dress codes were never enforced (4%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 297

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