Princess Ships Perfect Place to Tie the Knot

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (July 5, 2006) – Imagine saying “I do” as your cruise ship sails off the coasts of an idyllic Tahitian island, or on the way to a cruise up the Amazon, as the captain joins you as man and wife. The dream becomes a reality as Princess Cruises’ unique “Tie the Knot At Sea” wedding program expands to virtually all parts of the world as the line has added its entire fleet of 15 ships to the program.

Originally offered only on the line’s larger vessels with formal wedding chapels, this romantic option is now also available aboard Sun Princess, Dawn Princess, Sea Princess, Regal Princess, Pacific Princess and Tahitian Princess, opening up a new world of wedding choices. The ships have all been reflagged to a Bermuda registry, the authority under which each marriage is legally certified.

“Our wedding program not only gives couples the opportunity to be married by the captain, but also customize the wedding of their dreams,” said Jan Swartz, Princess’ senior vice president of customer service and sales. “We joined about 1,000 couples in matrimony last year with only part of our fleet involved in the program. Now, every ship in our fleet can offer weddings – including those that sail some very exotic worldwide destinations.”

Princess’ At Sea wedding program began in 1998 with the launch of Grand Princess and has grown each year. This special feature offers couples the rare opportunity to celebrate with a romantic wedding ceremony on the ocean waves, with the ship’s captain officiating. Princess is the only major North American cruise line that makes this dream a reality, offering a variety of customizable ceremony options, including, on larger vessels, an onboard wedding chapel decorated in flowers and candlelight for the special day. Other romantic shipboard locations are available as well and ceremonies include a number of special touches that bring together the talents of the ship’s chefs, musicians and photographers.

Every At Sea wedding includes live music; champagne; bridal bouquet and groom’s matching boutonniere; a photo package with canvas portrait; a wedding cake; a souvenir wedding certificate and the services of Princess’ onboard wedding coordinators to make sure the day runs smoothly. The happy couple can also customize their event with a variety of food and beverage, floral, photography and video choices. They can also choose to add pampering pre-ceremony spa treatments for the bride or take advantage of the ship’s tuxedo rental program for the groom, among a host of other options. Reception options further allow the couple to create their perfect day.

Prices for At Sea weddings begin at $1,800 for the ceremony plus $450 for registration and license fees. The program is available fleet wide with marriages performed by the captain under the legal authority of the ship’s Bermuda registry. Princess’ wedding program assists with all required paperwork associated with Bermuda regulations.

Of course, once the ceremony and reception are finished, the honeymoon cruise is just beginning. The wide variety of Princess itineraries offers couples the opportunity to start their married life with the perfect vacation, whether it’s lounging in a tropical paradise, visiting a cosmopolitan city or just spending time together on their own private balcony, watching the world go by.

And to start the marriage process, Princess also offers a new “Engagement Under the Stars” package where couples can enjoy movie-star status when they agree to tie the knot. Guys (or girls) can pop the question with a personal video proposal shown on the ship’s giant outdoor Movies Under the Stars movie screen, plus enjoy a special romantic dinner, amenities, and keepsake items to remember the occasion long after they return home. The “Engagement Under the Stars” package will be available on ships that feature Movies Under the Stars, including the new Crown Princess, Caribbean Princess, Grand Princess, and Sea Princess.

“Tie the Knot” wedding packages can be arranged by calling 1-866-444-8820 or 305-421-1050.