Princess Promotional DVD

Yesterday, a Princess Cruises Complete Escapes DVD came in the Mail. I have considered Princess several times for cruises, and will consider them a choice for future cruises especially to some exotic destinations like Tahiti or New Zealand that are under served by some of the other cruise lines.

Today, I found the time to watch the DVD. It runs just under one hour, and is divided into three segments:

  • The Princess Experience
  • Destinations
  • Movies Under the Stars

What follows are a few of my general impressions about the DVD.

The first section of the DVD, The Princess Experience, was intriguing and inviting. The video asserts that Princess offers the best of both worlds with their ships that are carefully designed to offer big ship choices, but still provide the intimacy of a smaller ship. Two aspects emphasized by the DVD were high level of service and more choices for passengers than traditional cruising. The video emphasizes attention to detail and a complete system of training to ensure excellent service by every member of the crew. The video promoted the “Anytime” dining program that allows passengers to chose traditional dining, but also offers alternatives like specialty restaurants, casual buffet, and pizza parlors.

The next segment of the video featured the many destinations offered by Princess. I was most interested in Australia/New Zealand, and Tahiti as these destinations are some what under served by other lines. The presentations were a little brief, but the beautiful videography and stunning scenery were more than enough to wet my appetite for visiting these places. I also had to take a peak at the Mexican Riviera Cruises as we will be visiting the Mexican Riviera on our next cruise in November. Again, the videography almost looked computer enhanced because the colors were so vivid and the scenery so breathtaking.

The final segment of the DVD is devoted completely to promoting the new “Movies Under the Stars” entertainment concept. Princess has installed huge LCD screens outside by the central pool area where passengers can watch movies and videos day and night from the pool, deck chairs or casual dining area. Princess will show first run movies, classics, and sporting events in the venue. They will also have themed events like “The Wizard of Oz” Sing and Dance Along. I like the idea of having sporting events like maybe the NFL games on Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure that I would spend a lot of my cruise time watching movies. Princess is very excited about this concept and has installed the screens on many of their ships. I’ll have to check it out in person when I get a chance to take my first Princess Cruise.

If you are a travel agent, this DVD is a great one to have to show to your clients that might be considering a Princess Cruise. If you are a frequent cruiser not familiar with Princess, it gives you an idea of what the Princess experiences might be like.