Princess Debuts New Onboard Fitness Programs with Active Options for Kids and Adults

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (August 25, 2008) — Staying fit on a cruise has never been easier or more fun, as Princess Cruises introduces new ways for passengers to stay active on their vacation — including the industry’s first in-room fitness program, fun yoga classes for kids and teens, and a new array of Lotus Spa classes featuring the three vital components of balanced health.

Designed for cruisers of all ages and activity levels, these innovative fitness choices will help passengers get moving in the privacy of their own staterooms with Fitness@Sea hosted by celebrity trainer Gillian Clark; strike a pose in an interactive yoga class for junior cruisers; or test their mettle with a “Tour de France” spin class as part of the line’s new Core.Balance.Strength. program.

“We know that many of our passengers are interested in maintaining their exercise programs while on their cruise, and still others like to try new things to stay in shape,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises senior vice president. “Our new fitness programs are a great way to do both.”


Led by celebrity fitness trainer and bestselling fitness DVD host Gillian Clark, passengers can participate in a series of Fitness@Sea classes in the comfort of their own staterooms to challenge their minds and bodies. Produced as an industry first for Princess, the classes are designed as a way for passengers to comfortably start off their day with beneficial exercise. Clark leads nine different classes shown exclusively on the line’s Wellness Channel, including:

  • Core strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Arm and leg strengthening
  • Big muscle groups and an overall body workout
  • Cardio training
  • Stretching
  • The mind/body connection
  • Breathing to enhance your workout
  • Back strengthening

Fitness@Sea debuts fleetwide this month. On ships with Movies Under the Stars, morning sessions are offered on the signature 300-square-foot-screens for those passengers who want to enjoy the open air on deck and work out in a group setting.

Yoga for Kids and Teens

In another industry first, Princess will introduce yoga to kids and teens in a fun and imaginative way, while promoting exercise in a positive environment. With the worldwide popularity and widely known benefits of yoga, Princess brings this mind and body exercise to kids and teens ages 3-17.

The program promotes building coordination, breathing, balance and emotional strength with an element of play incorporating music, chants and singing. With yoga mats provided, kids can participate in a variety of yoga animal poses from Downward Dog to Cat and Mouse. Classes are complimentary and are currently rolling out fleetwide in the onboard youth and teen centers. Classes range from 30 minutes to one hour and parents are welcome to participate.


This exclusive new onboard fitness program focuses on three vital components of balanced health called Core.Balance.Strength. Using a variety of energetic new options for health-conscious passengers, these classes are offered in Princess’ Lotus Spa.

Core.Balance.Strength. is designed to help guests maximize their wellness potential by focusing on three fitness components, each with a series of corresponding classes. The Core component is designed to create a strong foundation on which to build, and is based primarily on the principles of Pilates and correct postural alignment. Balance focuses on centering both mind and body, and features fusion yoga classes. Strength includes a high-energy mixture of both strength and cardio classes designed to get the heart racing and the endorphins flowing.

As part of the new program, passengers who’ve dreamed of bicycling in the famed Tour de France can now get a taste of the action with a new Tour de Spin program, offered as part of the strength course options, which will benefit LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The new Core.Balance.Strength. program is currently being rolled out fleetwide and is expected to be in place aboard all Princess ships by the end of the year. A nominal fee is charged for each class, which includes the following:


  • AbSession: A 20-minute abdominal blaster
  • Core Strength and Stretch: Pilates based, concentrating on creating a strong foundation
  • Pilates Basics: An introduction to classic Pilates moves
  • Fitball Pilates: Innovative core class utilizing the Pilates ring to develop a strong center


  • Meditation Series: A guide to a clearer more enriched life
  • Yoga Basics: Suitable for all fitness levels, this yoga series introduces the ancient concepts of yoga
  • Strong Centered and Stretched: Fusion class incorporating yoga and Pilates, focusing on posture, strength and the individual’s chi


  • Body Challenge Conditioning: The ultimate all over body workout set to chart topping hits
  • Tour de Spin: Offered in association with LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Tour de Spin program will consist of three different 45-minute classes, each featuring a ride named after various stages of the Tour de France. Each spin class offers a different profile based on the class theme: Les Alps features multi-level resistances, Time Trial offers a fast interval workout and Alp D’Huez consists of a mind/body climb. One dollar from each class series will be donated to LIVESTRONG to fight cancer, and at the conclusion of the three-ride program each participant will receive one of the foundation’s famous yellow wrist bands.
  • Step to My Groove: Beginners step aerobics, simple, easy and fun

In addition, the new program will continue to offer a selection of complimentary classes, including:

  • Long and Lean Stretch class: An introductory stretching class with an emphasis on postural imbalances and tight muscle groups
  • Ab Workshop: An in-depth look at the perfect sit-up with an informative and results-driven workout
  • Circuit City: Using resistance machines, guests will experience the ultimate full body workout and learn the best way to use exercise machines
  • Aerobically Challenged: A low impact aerobics class for beginners — easy and simple
  • Chillax: Chill out and relax on the ultimate wind down
  • Lotus Tai Chi: A meditative workout to promote inner peace and calm using slow rhythmic movement
  • Wii Fit

    All Princess ships, which have long featured Nintendo’s popular Wii? systems onboard, also offer the revolutionary Wii Fit? balance games, challenging passengers of all ages to put their athletic skills to the test with active video game tournaments such as the ski jump, Hula Hoop? or heading soccer balls. Exciting family competitions are held onboard — including on the dramatic Movies Under the Stars poolside screens. Youth and teen centers are also offering younger cruisers the opportunity to participate in Wii Fit activities on their vacation.

    Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS, or by visiting the company’s website at