Poll Results in on Missing School for Cruise

First a huge “Thank You” to all our readers who responded to our poll. The results are in and our readers are split on whether or not they would allow their children to miss school for a family cruise vacation. A full 48% of our readers said that they would take their kids out of school for a family cruise vacation regardless of whether or not their school district is accommodating. However, 35% said they would do it under the right circumstances. In contrast, a full 16% of our readers don’t allow their children to miss school for family vacations, and 1% said they can’t do it because of restrictive school district policies.

“Cruise Talk Poll

Would you take your children out of school for a family cruise vacation

* Maybe, it depends on how many days, the child’s age, and the individual child’s ability to make up the work. (35%, 40 Votes)
* Yes, even though the school is not very accommodating, I feel quality family time is important. (27%, 31 Votes)
* Yes, our school is flexible, family is important, and they can make up the work. (21%, 24 Votes)
* No, I don’t allow my children to miss school for any reason other than illness or other approved reasons (16%, 18 Votes)
* No, our school is too strict and will not work with families to make up the work. (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 114”

I have to say that I am probably in the “maybe” category, though for the last few cruises we have taken the kids out of school. We are very lucky that our district is very flexible and allowed our children to complete work early or take it with them on the trip. We were very lucky that the kids arrived back from the vacation completely caught-up on their work. The children were also given the opportunity to report on the educational and historical sights they experienced on their trip.

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