Pick Pocket Proof Pants, P^cubed, are here from Clothing Arts

Here at Cruise Talk, we are always on the lookout for products that would be of interest to our cruising or traveling readers.  Anyone who has ever traveled to Barcelona or Rome knows that pick-pockets can make life miserable for tourists.    Professional pick-pockets and Gypsy children look for easy targets in the busy tourist areas like Las Ramblas in Barcelona or many Piazzas in Rome.   These two cities also serve as gateway cities for many Mediterranean cruises.  Numerous other cities along the Mediterranean also have notorious pick pocket problems.    I have always taken caution in these cities by wearing a money belt tucked inside my pants and shirts.   While this works well for preventing pickpocketing, it can be an awkward moment when I have to practically disrobe just to pay at a store or restaurant.     The folks at Clothing Arts felt the same way and wanted to design a better solution for travelers.


Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

Clothing Arts,  has developed a line of pants and shorts that not only deter pickpockets but ease the process of obtaining your valuables when you need them.   Here’s what they have to say about their unique product:



Travel Pants Meets Money-belts: Pick-Pocket Proof Pants – P^cubed – represents the future of travel and the fusion of travel pants and the security of money-belts. Best described as, “gear masquerading as a pair of pants,” Pick Pocket Proof Pants are a true travel revolution and the result of years of travel knowledge and a first hand experience at the hands of a pick-pocket.

First we start off with an incredible pair of pants – then build all the functionality and security of 4 money-belts right at your fingertips!

Imagine no longer having to dig into your waist or pull your valuables out of your shirt… Pick-Pocket Proof Pants literally puts security back in the hands of the traveler and lets you choose one, two or even three layers of protection between your wallet and the world!

Zip the zipper to seal the pocket; secure the button flap for twice the protection; for even more security, lock whats most valuable in the triple secure hidden passport pocket… pick-pockets are looking for an easy target and in a pair of our P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants – they’ll have to find another victim – and you’ll be free to enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

We offer two ruggedized P^cubed lines – catering to the specific needs of the Adventure Traveler (Cotton/Nylon Blend for Durability) and the Business Traveler (100% Cotton for Comfort).

Every Pick-Pocket Proof Traveler features:

  • Advanced Dual Action DuPont™ Teflon ® fabric protector for “Wrinkle, Rain & Stain Resistance”
  • All-around covered zippers and a 3x secure hidden passport/money pocket
  • Dual smartphone/digital camera/business, bank or credit card pockets
  • Expandable double thick double secure cut-resistant cargo pockets that grow to fit guidebooks
  • Attachable 1/2 liter water bottle holding pocket to keep water close at hand.


The folks at Clothing Arts were inspired by a trip to the Bell Tower of Xian where the designer and owner, Adam Rapp,  nearly fell victim to a team of pick-pockets.   Not wanting to wear a cumbersome money belt,  he decided to invent a better solution.   The result is a series of pants that offer the wearer the ability to select the level of security that best fits their situation.

Complete Line

The company offers the pick pocket proof pants in a cargo short, cargo pant and business pant.   They are also developing a ladies line which should come out in Fall of 2012.  However their current size 32 men’s pants fit close to ladies 10-12. In addition they also have a line of travel inspired shirts.

Here’s a look at their promotional video:


Field Tested

I spoke with company owner and designer, Adam Rapp,  and inquired about the development and testing of the lines.

It has been a process of taking 5 years of travel experience and developing the system by which the traveler is able to decide how secure they would like to make their pocket at any given time.  We offer pockets within pockets and the ability to protect your wallet, passport, etc between 2 to 3 layers of security – and offer cut resistance (double thick extremely durable fabric) on all our cargo pockets.

A pickpocket is looking for a easy target and in our gear, you are anything but – they will move onto someone else rather than have to work harder and risk blowing their cover once they see that they can’t easily get at your wallet.  They might see the front logo on the flap and walk away, or once they’ve attacked, find that you have layers of protection on the rear pocket and disappear in to the crowds behind.  It takes a few moments for you to get into your pocket – it will take them far longer and by using both zippers and buttons, a smooth theft will be impossible giving you a chance to realize something is happening.

For an  independent review from a company that field tested the product visit the following website:



For more information or to purchase their products please contact Clothing Arts.  Your can purchase their products directly at their website:


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