Organizing for Your Cruise: The Cruise Document Folder

When you are traveling on a cruise it is very important to keep all of your documents and papers organized so that you can easily access important information for your vacation experience.

I like to start folder as soon as I book a cruise with all the important information I will need. I usually begin with with a hanging folder in my file draw, but as the cruise draws closer, I usually move the documents to a pocketed presentation folder. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use a tabbed accordion type folder to categorize your documents. When it is time to leave for your cruise it is then very easy to make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy your cruise.

What to Put in the Folder

As I make reservations for various aspect of the vacation, I print out confirmation documents and any other information that may be important add them to the folder. Here are some examples of the kind of documents I include:

Cruise Booking Documentation Email or Online Confirmation
Cruise Boarding Express Document
Cruise Travel Documents Mailed to You From Cruise Line
Cruise Payment Confirmation
Cruise Excursion Booking and Payment Confirmation
Independent Excursion Booking and Contact Information
Pass Ports (Or other government required documents, please check your cruise line for the most recent requirements.)
On Board Credit Confirmation (Some passengers get On Board Credits from either their Travel Agent or Credit Card Reward Program)
Pre and Post Cruise Accommodations Reservations or Confirmation
Cruise Calendar (Some cruise line websites will publish a detailed calendar of your itenerary to help you keep up with where you’ll be each day. This is helpful to look to at a glance to plan your schedule.)
Airline Tickets/Reservation Numbers for E-Tickets
Any information located online about your planned ports of call
Cruise Insurance Policy Information including contact numbers
Transfer Information for your arrival and departure
List of emergency contact information back home
Specialty Dining Reservation Confirmation

If you can think of any other documents that might be important to your cruise, please leave us a comment so we can add them to this list. Every cruise and cruise line is slightly different, so their may be a specific document that I may have missed.