Oasis of the Seas to be Featured Discovery Canada, Tues June 2nd, Nat. Geo on June 10th, 8pm Eastern

(Update, this segment will be shown on the National Geographic Channel in the US under the title “Man Made: World’s Largest Cruise Ship” on Thursday, June 10th at 8 pm Eastern. Check your cable or satellite listings for showings in your area. It will air again at 11 pm, and on Thursday June 17th at 4 pm.)

Discovery Channel Canada will featured the world’s largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas, in its series Mighty Ships, airing on the Discovery Channel Canada on June 2nd, at 8:00 PM EST. The show was filmed and produced by the Canadian branch of the Discovery Channel and at this time is only scheduled to air in Canada until this fall. The producers have sold the US rights to an undisclosed US channel, but have stated that it is not the Discovery Channel US. It is unclear whether that means it might be airing on Discovery sister channel or another satellite/cable outlet. Currently season 2 of Mighty Ships runs on Discovery HD Theater. As we get further information on when it airs in the US we will try to keep our US readers informed. For our Canadian readers we hope that you will let us know if it worth the wait to see the program. Canadian viewers can also view the show online at the Discovery Canada website and on Hulu after it first airs, but US IP addresses will be blocked from viewing the video.

The show usually focuses on commercial or military ships, but with the statistics boasted by the Oasis of the Seas, the producers must have decided she was a worthy ship for them to feature. As the world’s largest passenger vessel, the Oasis of the Seas makes quite an impression. It is so large that its home port, Ft. Lauderdale’s Port Everglades had to have a make over in order to accommodate her size and the number of passengers she carries. Carrying 5400 passengers at double occupancy and a total of just of 6200 at full capacity, she more than doubles a typical passenger load. Oasis of the Seas offers two-story loft suites and luxury suites measuring 1,600 sq ft with balconies overlooking the sea or promenades. With its unusual lay out the ship offers inside cabins with balconies that either overlook a “Central Park” or offer ocean views out the back of the ship with a horse shoe shaped resort like set-up. Other unusual features of the ship include a zip-line, a mini-golf course, a karaoke club, comedy club, four swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, an Aqua Theater, ice rink, and a theme parks. The ship also features a nearly full length production of the Broadway musical “Hairspray”.

All of these bells and whistles do come at a price. The current list pricing for Oasis of the Seas is approximately double the price of smaller ships in the same fleet for the same length of cruise. Perhaps when her sister ship the Allure of the Seas sets sail in November, Royal Caribbean will lower the prices on both vessels since they will have well over 10,000 birth to sell each week on both of these ships. We’ll update this article and post a new one as soon as we have information about the airing of the show in the US.