Noted Cruise Ship Historian to Appear Aboard Princess Cruises Ships in 2011

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (November 15, 2010) — Princess Cruises passengers will have a variety of opportunities to sail with best-selling maritime author and popular public speaker John Maxtone-Graham as he makes appearances on a number of sailings to South America and Europe in 2011.

Maxtone-Graham is well-known to cruise enthusiasts as he has chronicled the full history of ocean travel from the early days of passenger shipping to today’s modern cruise vacation. Among his many books are The Only Way to Cross, a bible for ship buffs that has been in print for more than 35 years; and Titanic Survivor. His most recent book is about the famed SS Normandie.

“John Maxtone-Graham nearly always commands a full house when he speaks on board,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. “His incredible knowledge of the history and lore of cruising is always fascinating.”

Among his presentations on board, passengers can enjoy stories of famous ocean liners, a dramatic recreation of the Titanic’s fateful final night, and tales from the historic explorations of the North and South Poles.

Princess passengers can enjoy Maxtone-Graham’s appearances on the following 2011 sailings:

Jan. 26-March 9 — Star Princess: 14-day Cape Horn Route to Rio (three cruises) — These sailings travel between Santiago and Rio de Janeiro around the fabled Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego.

March 9-24 — Star Princess: 15-day Brazilian Adventure — Cruising from Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale this adventure includes calls in two other Brazilian ports plus visits to several Caribbean islands.

May 7-22 — Crown Princess: 15-day Western Europe Passage — Sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton this Atlantic crossing includes calls in Portugal, France, Belgium and Holland.

July 2-20 — Ocean Princess: 18-day Land of the Midnight Sun — A roundtrip Dover sailing visiting the remote northern coast of Norway and Russia.

July 20-Aug. 7 — Ocean Princess: 18-day Top of the World — A Dover to New York sailing by way of Iceland and Greenland, featuring passage close to the site of the Titanic’s sinking.

Aug. 7-25 — Ocean Princess: 18-day Fire and Ice Explorer — This New York to Dover sailing features Iceland, Greenland and Scotland, plus the Titanic sinking site.

Aug. 28-Sept. 14 — Crown Princess: 17-day Iceland & Greenland Explorer — A Southampton to New York crossing featuring multiple port calls in Iceland and Greenland.

Oct. 19-Nov. 6 — Ruby Princess: 18-day Venetian Passage — A Venice to Fort Lauderdale Atlantic crossing including Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

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