Norwegian Dream, Some Thoughts About The New Collision

I hadn’t paid much attention to the reports of the Norwegian Dream crashing into the a container ship until I read a humorous account of the incident by a passenger who was on the cruise. His lighthearted report about making the best of a bad situation has been a big hit with Cruise Critic members.

I did a little more research and found that this is the second time that the Norwegian Dream has run into a container vessel. Back in 1999, the Norwegian Dream collided with a container ship during rough seas in the English Channel. This incident was much more frightening and resulted in a fire on board the container ship EVER DECENT. The December 14th, 2007 collision thankfully did not result in any injuries. However, several containers and vehicles plunged into the Monte Video channel resulting in the channel being closed. This blocked the channel and prevented the Celebrity Infinity from leaving port that night. The ship’s Captain was replaced after the incident.

After looking at the pictures, I just can’t understand how such a crash could happen. The information did say the barge was adrift, so perhaps the Captain did not foresee the barge drifting into the ship’s path, but surely this crash should have been avoided.

I found several interesting pictures of the 1999 crash damage and the 2007 incident.

The Dream after the 1999 collision.


Dec 2007 Collision Sequence: