Nickelodean Cruise – A Family Cruise Definitely Not for the Newlywed or Nearly Dead

(I write this article as my own two kids are tuned into one of their favorite “Nick” shows “Fairly Odd Parents.”)

Have you ever heard the expression that “Cruises are for the Newlywed or Nearly Dead”. I just read about the first ever Nickelodeon Family Cruise, set for this August 10-17th on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. It will be “anything but “boring or lethargic” Nick and RCCL are teaming up to offer this completely family oriented cruise extravaganza. The cruise will feature Nick Cartoon characters and nicked themed activities. The cruise will also offer free time and pampering for the parents. This would be the perfect cruise for a family that has been hesitant to cruise before because they are worried about having things to do on board the ship or those who have experienced an RCCL Mega ship and would like to go back for more with an added twist. While most cruises offer a kids program, this cruise will truly step it up a notch. The Nick themed activities will appeal to kids of all ages. Toddlers and Preschoolers love “Blues Clues” and “Dora the Explorer.” Elementary age kids love the cartoons like the afore mentioned “Fairly Odd Parents” and the ever popular “Sponge Bob Square Pants” , and there is of course Teen Nick for who else, teens.

This cruise would be the perfect family vacations for those to like to keep active and busy on their vacations. With all the amenities of the Freedom of the Seas there is plenty to do aboard the ship including the Flow-rider, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf, and Ice Skating. With the addition of the Nick Activities, there is no chance of boredom on this cruise.

While I prefer a smaller ship with a more laid back style, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cruise to active families that love Nickelodeon. If you still want to cruise, but the Nickelodeon Family Cruise dates don’t work with your schedule, the large cruise lines with the “Mega” ships like Carnival and Royal Caribbean are great for families who like lots of action on their vacations.

Finally, I’ll offer a few tips that will help make your families’ vacation and all the other families on board a pleasant experience. Keep in mind that the ship will be very full with lots of families. This probably would not be the ideal cruise for retired couples or honeymooners for that reason. Also, though the cruise is definitely oriented towards kids, make sure that your kids follow all the rules and know that they are expected to be on their best behavior. If they misbehave, the cruise line will remove them from the kids program. Know the dress codes policies before you cruise. Royal Caribbean has formal nights on most itineraries, but also has plenty of options for families that don’t want to get dressed up for the formal dining room. You might even check to see if some of these policies will be any different for this special cruise. Make sure you know the tipping polices and all the additional charges that are not included in your cruise fare. Most of all have fun. Cruise vacations are a great value for the money, and a great opportunity to get away from everything back home.