New Survey On Concoridia Affecting Your Cruise Plans, Results in for Ship Tour Survey

We have a new survey regarding your cruise plans in light of the recent Costa Concordia tragedy. Will you change your plans or do you think this type of incident is rare and continue to cruise?  Perhaps you might choose another line or different type of ship.  Please take a few minutes to give us your opinion.

We also have the results of our recent survey on  the recent trend of paid behind the scenes tours. Votes were somewhat split between “Yes, interested” and “No, not interested,” but leaned towards disinterest. The combined percentage in the “No” category totaled 58%, and those in either the “Yes” or “Maybe” category totaling just 42%.

Would you pay for a behind the scenes tour or your cruise ship?

No, its just another way for the cruise lines to make a buck. (47%, 43 Votes)
Maybe, if the perks that go along with the tour make it worth while. (22%, 20 Votes)
Sure, I would be curious to learn about all aspects of the ship. (20%, 18 Votes)
No, I’d just wait till I earn a free tour through the loyalty program. (11%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 91