New: Arctic Wilderness Adventure in Greenland

Tromsø , August 2013

In summer 2014 the Hurtigruten expedition ship MS Fram is setting off on a great voyage of discovery: on a new, longer route it will explore the north – west of Greenland. New harbours and points of disembarkation as well as an extended travel time allows the guests on MS Fram to get to know the Greenland coast, with its breathtaking landscape and unique culture, even more intensively. The ‘Arctic Wilderness Adventure’ is available for booking on two dates in an 11 respectively 13 – day version during June/July 2014. Impressive ice landscapes, beautiful nature and wilderness, disembarkation to small settlements and encounters with the Inuit and their culture are the focal point of the two new expeditions with MS Fram in Greenland: the ‘Arctic Wilderness Adventure’ begin in Kangerlussuaq and set a northern course across Disko Bay along the west coast of Greenland. The northernmost harbour of the tour and a new stop on the itinerary is Upernavik: this town is located above the 72nd parallel on Melville Bay in north – west Greenland.

For centuries the settlement attracted hunters every spring with its rich population of animals and many of the inhabitants still make a living from hunting today. A further new stop in Qasigiannguit: the town with around 1,300 inhabitants was founded in 1734 and is also known as ‘the pearl of Disko Bay’. The small, colourful residential buildings on the bay are worth seeing, along with the old colonial buildings and the museum with important artefacts of the hunting and fishing culture of the Inuit. The island Illorsuit on the mouth of the Uummannaq Fjord is also a new part of the schedule: its settlement with approx. 90 inhabitants traditionally lives on fishing – and therefore creates the opportunity for unusual photos: on many house verandas, fish are hung up to dry alongside the laundry.

Along with the new harbours, MS Fram will continue to visit amongst others the charming town of Uummannaq, the impressive glaciers of Eqip Sermia as well as the famous ice fjord of Ilulissat, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are two schedules available in June/July 2014: the 11-day ‘Arctic Wilderness Adventure’ from 26 June to 6 July 2014 and the 13 – day version from 14 June to 26 June 2014. Both schedules are the same, the 13 – day tour offers a little more time for discovering the surrounding area of Ilulissat.

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