My Top Ten Things I’d Like To Do Someday On A Cruise

You may remember that I recently decided to do a three part series on cruising top ten lists. Over the past week, I completed the first two posts in my series that covered my top ten favorite things about cruising and my top ten things I avoid when I cruise. I hope you enjoyed the first two lists.

Today, I conclude this short top ten series with my third top ten list. Today’s final top ten list is My Top Ten Things I’d Like To Do Someday On A Cruise:

  • 10. Captains Table: The Social Hostess usually invites passengers to join the officers at the at the special Captains Table. I’d love to be honored with such a request.
  • 9. Not Gain Weight: There is just so much delicious food and so much of it. Even when I’ve been judicious, I’ve still gained weight.
  • 8. Try a Mega Ship: While it is not high on my list, I still might like to check out one of these super liners. Perhaps I might have to try the Oasis of The Seas . With so many bells and whistles, I might not miss the intimacy of the smaller ships.
  • 7. French Polynesia: Air prices and fewer sailing dates have prevented me from going on a cruise to what I think is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Perhaps, one day, budget, sailing dates, and my schedule will come together to let me go on a cruise to these wonderful Islands.
  • 6. Panama Canal: This has been one of my dreams since I was a kid in the 70’s. Two oceans and an engineering marvel make this one of the most promising itineraries ever. This just may happen in 2009.
  • 5. Antarctica: Several cruise lines now have itineraries that take passengers around the tip of South America and sail the exciting waters of the Antarctic continent.
  • 4. Ice Skating: I’d probably have to combine this with my first mega ship experience, but as a childhood competitive skater, I’ve often enjoyed bringing my skates along and gliding around different ice rinks while trips around the world. I think I’d really enjoy the chance to do this on a cruise ship.
  • 3. Trunk Bay with the Kids: Its been nearly 30 years since I’ve visited St. Johns and its beautiful underwater snorkeling trail. I’d really like to do it again with today’s improved snorkel equipment, the kids, and an underwater camera.
  • 2. A Sailing Ship: I’d love to cruise on a ship like the Royal Clipper or Wind Star. These sleek ships don’t have many bells and whistles other than their masts and sails, but what an amenity those sails are!!! These sailing ships offer such a change from my usual cruises and a complete get away from everyday life.
  • 1. A World Cruise: Maybe someday, when I win the lottery or become independently wealthy, I’ll be able to book a world cruise. I’d love to spend an extended stay aboard my favorite place in the whole world, a cruise ship.