My First Cruise

Bon Vivant Cruise to Bahamas

The hardest part of writing this review is remembering exactly when the cuise was. I have now narrowed it down to either Christmas 1975 or just after New Years 1976. I know that we went down to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area to stay with extended family before the cruise. Some of the adults went to see the Orange Bowl on New Years day night and then we must have left the next day for the three day cruise to Nassau and Free Port.

From what I can tell the ship was owned by Chandris at the time, but these three day cruises out of Miami were run by something like Bahama American Cruise Lines.

This was my first cruise, and I remember loving every minute of it.

One of the things I remember most was the unusual configuration of our stateroom. It was sort of L shaped with two twin beds in one section and then the bunk bed in the other section.

I really only have vague recollections of this cruise, I mean I was only 8, so dont hold me too accountable.

Vague Remembrances:

Pass the Hat

For the welcome aboard evening activities the Cruise Director asked for any Veterans to come up and do the Pass The Hat drill. Dad, a former Airforce Reservist got up there and played this game with all the men where they had to pass their hat either forward or backward on the command of the drill seargent like cruise director.

Wooden Horse Races

One of the few onboard activities for kids to participate in was the wooden horseraces. The adults got to place bets on the horses as rolls of the dice determined which horse moved. The kids got involved by each being assigned a particular horse and moving it when the corresponding die was rolled.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Nassau

We had bought tickets to take a Glass Bottom boat from the port area to the central shopping area in town. The only problem was the tickets were transportation only, and did not include the glass bottom viewing area. That was like $5 extra per person, and so it ended up just being a boat ride, no glass bottom to be seen by us.

Casino in Freeport

OK, my parents were a little strange, but our excursion included a trip to the casino, and my sister and I were too young for the casino, so instead of skipping this portion of the tour, my parents went inside and left my sister and I to hang out on the lanai out in front. What were they thinking leaving their two girls, 10 and 8, to just hang out in front of the casino while they gambled? It seamed like they were in there forever, but who knows, it may have only be about 15 or 20 minutes.

Dressing up for Dinner

I do remember that one of the highlights of this cruise was dressing up for dinner. Im not sure what the dress code was, but we were all decked out every night in our fancy dresses. I remember thinking this was a lot of fun.

This was my first taste of cruising, and certainly the voyage that started my love for it. I wish I cold provide more details, but heck this was 30 years ago.

You can see more photos of this cruise in the photo gallery.

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