MSC Orchestra Features State-of-the-Art Onboard Technology

MSC Orchestra, the newest star in the MSC Cruises’ fleet, features the latest in onboard technology, including the following:

iTV: The interactive TV (iTV) offers an innovative solution to digital viewing on demand. This is the most advanced system available for cruise lines and guarantees the best picture and sound for guests in their staterooms. iTV offers the following services:
1. Video on-demand
2. Sound on-demand
3. Access to the Internet via portable PC
4. Guest services
5. Support services
6. Daily programs
7. Interactive services – booking excursions, buying gifts from the onboard shops and more
8. Special promotions and last-minute offers
9. Special offers with the best possible prices
10. Multilingual menus
In addition to the interactive services of the internal channels, there will also be films, documentaries and concerts in various languages.

The TV channels can be viewed on a flat screen in the staterooms as well as in designated communal areas throughout the ship:
1. Ship’s channel (information on cruise speed, wind, longitude, latitude, route maps)
2. Safety channel
3. MSC Channel (MSC programs, music videos and sport)
4. Excursion Channel (in five official languages)
5. Information Channel (Shopping Ashore in five languages, Duty Free, Spa, Jewelery Shop, Electronic Shop, Art Auctioneer)
6. 24 satellite channels, also in five languages

TV Info Cruise
An Info Cruise service offers information on the ship’s route and progress. This is televised using cameras in strategic positions and offers information on ship speed and wind speed.

WI FI (Internet) coverage is available in all the public areas on the ship.

Internet in the stateroom — It is possible to connect using a personal laptop.

GSM coverage is available throughout the ship with major providers.

Satellite TV – Two antennae means a variety of channels can be accessed in different languages.

Internet Cafe
The Internet Cafe has the following:

  • 20 stations
  • A laser printer
  • 12 monitors with 19-inch screens
  • 3 monitors with 32-inch screens by the reception desk
  • 3 monitors with 42-inch screens in designated areas, showing life on board and posting notices.

Photo Shop
In the Photo Shop there is a wall with 12 50-inch plasma monitors showing video and photographic material. During the day, this wall of screens will also display photos of guests taken by the photographer at different times. These can be ordered in various formats and quantities, then printed at an adjacent printer. The order is sent to the Photo Shop Desk via Wi-Fi, where a staff member will process the order. Designated software allows guests to edit the images to black and white, sepia, color or with borders. It is also possible to print a photo album with a collection of photos, plus captions, in a gift package in just 3-4 minutes.

There are six multimedia kiosks located in the public areas. Passengers can use these to book excursions even when the excursion office is closed. Additionally the kiosks offer photo printing, memory cards, telephone cards or the ability to burn photos onto a DVD. A selection of the products normally found in the onboard shops or on land may also be purchased at the kiosk (Shopping Program).

Among the onboard shops (boutique, MSC branded goods, duty free, perfumery) there is also an Electronic Shop with a wide selection of electrical goods.

Excursion Office
Two 42-inch monitors show videos and provide useful information regarding the excursions.

Energy Saving: MSC Cruises is very aware of the global need to conserve energy and does its best to do so on all of its cruises. Harnessing today’s technology, energy conservation starts with the reduction of electrical usage in the staterooms, which consequently reduces the emission of exhaust fumes in the outside environment.

The onboard Energy Saving Program ensures that lights are automatically turned off in key areas when they are not needed (all main lighting, toilet/bathroom lighting, electrical sockets and hairdryers) and when staterooms are unoccupied, reducing consumption. When guests return to their staterooms all they have to do to switch on the electricity is to insert their “Cruise Card” (the card given to passengers at embarkation that offers access to the ship, the stateroom and can be used for all onboard purchases) in the appropriate slot.
The traditional “Do Not Disturb” card sign has been replaced with a LED light on the outside of the stateroom – if this is on, guests will not be disturbed by the staff.

Covent Garden Theatre
The theater features a fibre optic lighting system, with colors that can be changed to create the desired effects and atmosphere in seconds. Meyer Sound provides the best quality in sound. There are three screens in the theater – a central screen for the projections, presentations and films, plus two smaller lateral screens used to emphasis the central projection with wording and additional information.

The Savannah Bar
The Savannah Bar – ideal for meetings, conferences, presentations and more – boasts a screen and fibre optic lighting.

The Shaker Lounge
The Shaker Lounge can be used for presentations and conferences; here, too, there are six monitors with 42-inch screens (three on each side) and a video projection screen.

Meeting Room
The Meeting Room on Deck 6 can accommodate 26 people and has a BOSE sound system with a 50-inch plasma screen.

The Cantinella (wine bar)
A 63-inch monitor at the end of the corridor is visible from all angles of the wine bar. Four 50-inch monitors are in the reception area, transmitting video/photographic material. Additionally, at the entrances there are two 27-inch monitors plus a 50-iinch monitor.

All lounges
The sound system in all public areas is innovative and personalized by utilizing a server that can juggle different play lists. This allows passengers to listen to a variety of music channels in the lounges at different times throughout the day and night.

A 42-inch screen and a 26-inch screen in this area show films and animated cartoons.

Disco R32
The dance floor has 35 plasma screens, each with a 42-inch screen. Another 22 screens with 50-inch monitors, plus 10 (two with 50-inch screens and eight with 42-inch screens) are wall/column-mounted and face the dance floor. There are 67 screens in the disco, which (in addition o projecting lights that have a million combinations) transmit live footage of those in the disco, recorded by four cameras. The sound system is also BOSE.

Pool Area
In the pool area there is an LED screen measuring 21 feet x 12 feet, a BARCO model Olite 612 SMD, providing the best resolution for an external screen and offering visibility in all conditions. Here TV, films and onboard events are transmitted. The sound system is 24,000 watts and, therefore, can cover the entire pool deck from stem to stern. The quality of the sound can be appreciated from any external point onboard the ship. The pool area is an ideal place for evening events with many lights and lighting effects.