MSC Melody Fends Off Pirate Attack

Details are just coming in, but reports say that the MSC Melody has successfully fought off an attack by pirates off the Seychelles yesterday. The company has confirmed that on Saturday April 25th, 2009, the ship was approached in by apparent pirates a small “Zodiac” style boat at approximately 7:35 GMT. The ship was approximately 180 nautical miles from Port Victoria in the Seychelles, 500 miles off the Somali coast.

Reports say that the company had hired Israeli security forces for the voyage who returned fire on the pirates and utilized fire hoses to defend them selves from the pirate attack. The ship’s commander said “It felt like war.” The ship was carrying about 1000 passengers and 500 crew members. An international security force will escort the Melody to the next scheduled port, Aqaba, Jordan.

What do you think about cruising in the neck of the woods? What about armed security forces on cruise ships fighting back? Let us know you thoughts in the comments or forum.