MSC Crociere Takes Customer Service To New Levels

Fine service is all about listening. No one understands that better than MSC Crociere. Which is why the acclaimed cruise leader has added two new pairs of ears to its highly-trained service teams.

All guests on the luxury MSC Crociere fleet are now offered the support of a dedicated Guest Relations Manager with a very special role, while ships in the Fantasia class also receive their own Concierge.

The story behind the new Guest Relations Manager is typical of MSC Crociere’s passionately uncompromising approach. The company’s attentive customer support team noted that traditional service structures only become aware of certain disappointments after the event, often only when a cruise is over, discovering for example that a guest travelling on their own would have liked to dine seated with other singles who spoke the same language, or that arrangements had not been made for a guest’s special vegetarian menu.

MSC Crociere’s dedication to preventing this led it to create the new figure of Guest Relations Manager especially to ensure similar problems could be attended to promptly, even when they have nothing do with MSC Crociere.

The Guest Relations Managers – who speak several languages fluently – are consequently available throughout every cruise, providing a single point of contact and the reassurance of being empowered to handle any issue immediately.

Guests will now benefit from the services of their own Concierge with all the skills and contacts to cater for even the most exotic requests, from private visits and exclusive bookings on shore to special events at sea. As a result, the most beautiful ship on the seas now offers by far the most beautiful service.

The new Concierges and Guest Relations Managers take MSC Crociere’s outstanding service even further into a class of its own, typical of the company’s passionate insistence that perfection is always achievable, so every guest can enjoy the cruise of their dreams.