More Mercury Dry Dock Rumors

OK, this is totally unconfirmed, but supposed to be from a source that is “in the know”…. Family Ocean View rooms on the back of Mercury will be converted to Family Verandas.

We just took the Mercury in November and had a great time and loved the the ship even more the second time. The only thing our plus size state room was missing was a veranda. It would have been so nice to have been able to wander outside in just our jammies early in the morning to enjoy the views.

Well a few friends of mine posted on that Celebrity might soon be selling Family Verandas.

Personally this would be so exciting to us because we have the same cabin booked for our June Alaska Cruise on the Mercury. Since so much of an Alaska cruise is enjoying the scenery at all times of the day and night, the addition of a veranda to our cabin would be incredible!!!

On the recent Mexico Cruise we had only a few steps outside the cabin to enjoy the deck which ran out of the door just outside our door, but it required public clothing and a room key. The addition of a veranda would really add so much to this room!!!

But alas, these are all just rumors. When we talked the cruise director in November, he said the dry dock would not add anything structural to the ship, so no balconies???

Well, I’ll keep you up to date and let you know if I have any confirmation as to the room redo’s.