Making of Metropolis: P&O Cruises first online blog

30 August 2007 – Visitors to the website of P&O Cruises new superliner Ventura can now catch up on the action of the crew out capturing film from across the globe for a massive 20 metre wide floor to ceiling plasma wall, the main feature of the Metropolis bar on board.

The film crew’s task is to visit London, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney, and film simply the most stunning ‘cityscapes’ in the world. This footage will then be played on the plasma wall in the ‘Metropolis’ bar in ‘real time’ creating breathtaking panoramic cityscape scenes on a grand scale and a mesmerising backdrop to a night on Ventura.

After 12 months of testing it is anticipated that in each city it will involve filming 10 hours of footage on each camera, resulting in 315 tapes and some 10 million megabytes of data to store and edit on the crew’s return.

P&O Cruises, head of brand marketing, Philip Price said: “This unique venue will bring all the excitement of some of the world’s coolest destinations. The video wall will display dramatic cityscapes, so passengers can gaze ‘out’ upon Paris, New York or Sydney as they sip their favourite apéritif.

“The making of Metropolis blog is set to be a fascinating and informative read. Blogging is a fast growing form of media, which allows visitors to the site to get first hand information and views. It seems fitting that such an innovative new media is being used on the website for Ventura, which is aimed at a younger, new media savvy audience.”

The intriguing first blog by director, Duncan Swinhoe, is online now and gives a run down of filming on location in London.

To read the blog and to find out more about Ventura, P&O Cruises new superliner designed and built for the British market, visit

The planned filming schedule is:
London – August 2007
Paris – August 2007
New York – September 2007
Las Vegas – September 2007
Hong Kong – January 2008
Shanghai – January 2008
Sydney – February 2008

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