Lose Before You Cruise

Lose Before Your Cruise!

Every one knows that it is so easy to gain weight on a cruise. So, a lot of us try to lose a few pounds before we cruise so that we dont end up adding on 5lbs for every cruise we take. If you only cruise once a year, and gain 5lbs per cruise you could easily put on enough weight to compromise your health after 4 or 5 cruises.

Three years ago, my husband and I went on the Atkins type low carb diet with great success. I dropped from around 130 to 115, and my husband went from about 280 to 230. At the time, we were very busy building our new house, living in a small rental home and neither eating out much nor entertaining. The novelty of eating new foods that had always been off limits on a traditional low fat diet also contributed to our success.

We were able to keep the weight off for a good 6 months and look fit and trim for our 10th Anniversary Cruise on the Mercury. For the next two years, we also pretty much kept the weight off. Lately, we have both started to cheat occasionally on the low carb diet. And it seemed like we had a lot of false starts and stops, and slowly weve put some (not much really) weight back on. In addition, my husband still wants lose more weight and seem to have plateuaed on the low carb diet.
Weve seen so many of those commercials for NutriSystem on TV lately, so we decided to give it a try. We both have been busy with kids activities, so the idea of not having to cook or prepare meals appealed to us. I think the convenience of the pre-portioned meals and the variety of foods appealed to my husband.

Last week I placed my order for the food. The two huge boxes containing 5 weeks of Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches and Dinners came Friday. I spent a couple of hours sorting through the food and storing them on our own separate shelves in the pantry.

We still need to buy some fresh fruits and veggies to supplement the plan, but it looks like well be able to start Monday. We have a little under 4 months until our next cruise, so I think that it should be pretty easy for me to loose my desired 12 to 15 lbs by then, but my husband want to loose at least 40, maybe even 50 lbs and it may be more difficult for him.

I plan to provide weekly updates here on my blog so stay tuned if you are interested in a real world perspective on NutriSystem.

Happy Cruising!