Lawn Club on Solstice

We will be taking a cruise on the Celebrity Solstice in November of this years. One of its unique features is the Lawn Club, a rooftop/deck covered in living, growing grass. Its is one of the innovations that has gotten quite a bit of talk since the Solstice debuted last year. Today, I stumbled across the blog Green Roofs, where one of the Lawn Club’s consultants/designers, Jörg Breuning, a green roof expert and consultant, talks about his contribution to this unique area. What’s most interesting about this article is that Breuning chronicles the building and installation of the law area with specifications and photos. There really is a lot more involved in the process than just “throwing some sod” up on a roof. I think our reader who have been curious about the law club area will find it interesting. Also mentioned in the article, are the innovations in the ship designed to reduce the ship’s environmental impact.

Green Roofs Blog Celebrity Solstice Article